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About us

Our company was established in 2005 with a largely Swiss ownership background. The founders' aim was to set up a modern tissue and cell bank to make advanced biotechnological processes accessible and to continually widen its services through research and development programs.

Since 2007 we have been involved in the collection of umbilical stem cells. We process umbilical blood using Sepax Technology from the Swiss firm Biosafe, meeting the highest standards of quality with state of the art methods. The advantage of Sepax is that the samples are prepared for deep freezing using a completely automated, reproducible, closed system that eliminates human error. Processing umbilical blood with this technology complies with GMP laboratory requirements.

In Europe we were among the first to establish the conditions for processing umbilical stem cells, and since 2011 we have also offered our clients the opportunity to store umbilical mesenchymal stem cells.

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