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How the sample is taken

Sampling is the process through which a sufficient quantity of umbilical blood and umbilical cord are collected, and is performed by a suitably qualified and trained obstetrician. Our equipment is routinely used to collect samples during delivery. For the professional treatment and subsequent storage of the stem cells in deep freeze, and thus their use in treatment later, a sample of at least 40ml of sterile umbilical blood and at least a 7cm section of umbilical cord are needed.

From the moment the process begins, the umbilical blood sample must be kept at a room temperature of 15-28°C, while the umbilical cord sample must be stored at 4°C in insulated boxes that we provide for this purpose!

The collection of the samples is an entirely pain-free and safe procedure for both the mother and the newborn baby, and can only take place right after delivery. The sample will only be taken alongside the monitoring of the condition of both the newborn baby and the mother, with the provision of primary care and the tasks related to delivery. Therefore it is done without any change to normal delivery practice. Delivery by cesarean section, premature birth or delivery in water or using epidural anesthetic does not prohibit a sample from being taken. In the event of any unforeseen circumstance arising during delivery, the obstetrician will decide on whether a sample can be taken. Neither the health care provider offering the obstetric and gynecological services, the consulting obstetrician, nor the stem cell bank accept any responsibility in the event that a sample cannot be taken.

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