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Quality and reliability

MSZ EN ISO 9001:2009

For us, professional competence and quality service come first. We provide a precise and safe service, along with the flexibility to help all of our clients or patients work out the contractual and financing package that is optimal for them.

In 2010 we implemented the MSZ ISO 9001:2009 quality control system, which facilitates and guarantees the constant and impeccable quality of our services, ongoing development, increasing customer satisfaction and a higher level of correspondence with the needs of our clients.

MSZ ISO/IEC 27001:2014


GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)

Our goal is to develop our quality management system constantly. To do this, in 2014 we started to implement and to apply the principles of the quality management system according to the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) in umbilical blood processing.  

GMP contains the professional guidelines applicable to the pharmaceutical activity at all times, whose application helps control and direct the processing procedures. The purpose of the guideline is to supervise the production, quality control and storage process for the product, in this case the stem cell stored, which ensures the appropriate quality of the product i.e. the long-term preservation of the properties of the cells stored.
The quality management of our health institution stipulates high standards regarding the manufacturing of the product, its circumstances, testing and stem cell storage, to ensure that the frozen stem cell preparation fully meets the requirements of subsequent use.

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