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The mother's blood is screened to test for infection by HIV, hepatitis B and C, syphilis, and CMV. In the event that the mother's blood is infected with known pathogens that can be transmitted via blood the processing of the umbilical blood and umbilical cord samples and the storage of stem cells in deep freeze cannot be carried out for quality control reasons, and the use of the stem cell preparation in future therapy is prohibited. We carry out the screening using molecular biological techniques, and the process allows the timely and direct detection of viruses.

For the screening tests, a 1x10 ml sample of venous blood must be taken from the mother at the time of delivery. In this way, no further inconvenience or expense is incurred by the mother.

Besides the virus screening, umbilical cord/umbilical blood samples are tested for bacteria that can be present in aerobic and anaerobic environments, as well as for signs of fungal contamination. In rare cases certain types of bacteria can appear in the umbilical cord/umbilical blood samples that are part of the normal flora of the vagina, intestines and skin. In this case, we inform the mother of the detected contamination. In line with international practice, but exclusively in the event of a preliminary written request for storage, we can arrange for the storage of the bacterially contaminated preparation. In the case of bacterial or fungal contamination, however, the ability to store the umbilical stem cell preparation cannot be guaranteed (mycoplasma contamination being the exception).

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