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Storage in deep freeze

We divide the stem cell preparations into several parts, stored in freezer bags and ampules, to facilitate multiple use and stem cell propagation in laboratory conditions, as well as to allow any necessary tests to be performed prior to use. The individually identifiable stem cell preparations are stored at -180°C in vapor phase liquid nitrogen freezers.

At this temperature, the stem cells can, in theory, retain their useful properties for an unlimited time. We agree to store them for at least 20 years, and the contract can be extended at the end of the stipulated period. When the preparations are needed, we will deliver them free of charge in special cryo-containers to any European transplant center.

We store the preparations during their use with all the crucially important, detailed documentation. The documentation contains the actual content of blood-forming stem cells in the samples after freezing as well as the results of tests to establish their viability. At our institution, providing these tests and documents is part of our everyday basic service! 

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